Benefits of Snail Cream

When you first learned about snail serum being embodied in an all natural skin care treatment, your reaction might have been one of bewilderment and maybe a few grimaces. Would you feel more comfortable using snail cream as part of your everyday skin care habits if you knew that it was originally prescribed by Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’?

How could snail serum possibly improve human skin? The fact is that snails and humans share many of the same skin elements. The balance between collagen and elastin in the skin of snails is almost the same to that of humans. When snails face hardship, they naturally produce a serum that is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune modulators, proteins, co-enzymes, and cell-communicating ingredients. This is the principle ingredient in snail creams.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek who has been credited with the title of ‘father of medicine’ was one of the first individuals to recommend the usage of snails in skin care. About 400 BC, Hippocrates began prescribing a mixture of sour milk and crushed snails for skin inflammations. He reported in one of his countless medical journals that the swiftness of delivery of the snail cream was what made it such an admired ingredient.

Snails as Medicine

When used on human skin, Hippocrates chronicled that the curative properties of snail cream worked as a moisturizer and reduced red, irritated areas of skin. With continual use, he again noted that the skin surface was kept clear and brilliant. This same ingredient is what currently helps people treat inflammation, control acne, and even dissolve stretch marks.

People are a little uncertain using a substance gathered from a snail, that’s it only normal. We all have a concept of snails as yucky little critters that live in our gardens. While this is a regular human reaction, if you don’t realize the full potential of the serum, you are denying your skin maybe the most complete and balanced skin care component ever created.

Did you know that only 150 years back, snails were used as rosary beads and hung in the windows of local drug stores? This should let you know how snails and their healing properties are viewed by skin care professionals. Snail cream are not just a craze or another product that can’t live up to their spectacular claims.

Snails never have skin infections or inflammations. A snail can take its sweet old time to slide across the sharpest knife or piece of broken glass and not cut its skin. Snails never have any issues with the balance between their collagen or elastin components because of their ability to biologically produce the only solution in the world solely made for the objective of renewing skin and keeping it healthy. Snail Serum is the Miracle Skin Care Solution Found in Snail Creams.

Before listing the beneficial aspects of snail cream, it is important to note that the gathering of the serum is done in an entirely cruelty free way. No snail is injured or loses its life in the gathering process. The serum is collected and the snail goes happily right back to its life of leaves and flowers like nothing happened.

When applied to clean skin, the snail cream will fuse with your skin cells and:

  • Stimulate the innate healing processes of your skin.
  • Boost the skin’s ability to heal from the effects of dangerous factors and traumas caused by inflammation.
  • Dissolves damaged cells, and unnatural keratin plugs, and uses their amino-acids and other elements for the remodeling of healthy cells to replace tarnished skin.
  • Triggers the orderly repair and regeneration of damaged and cells affected by UV damage.
  • Promotes the development of the water holding carbohydrate molecules within the skin.
  • Improves the capability of skin to emit antimicrobials and kill microbes.
  • The bioactive ingredient is encapsulated in liposomes for deep saturation into target cells and slow release to guarantee your cells are furnished the bioactive molecules up to 12 hours after usage.